Cold and sizzling!

Welcome to the lagoon!

My name is Luc! (it/its, ey/em , and they/them pronouns please!)

This is my personal website to keep track of my archiving work in a much neater place than other websites like Tumblr or Genius. I'll still use those websites for archiving work, however! I just wanted a more decentralized place, haha...

Who am I? Well... I'll keep it brief.

I'm a 20 year old PNWer who works at a library's rare books collection-- partially where I found my love for archiving. In my freetime, I draw and play video games. My personal interests are reflected in my works as shown on this website and what I devote my time to.

So, what/who are the two archiving subjects I have chosen? Well, I'm glad you asked!


Mesita is the musical project of James Cooley. The project started in 2008 in Cooley's home state of Colorado, and has been ongoing since then. His discography currently boasts 11 albums and 6 EPs, as well as 1 compilation album, 2 live albums, and 1 instrumental album. Many of his songs contain references to his mental health and his sexuality, making for a very honest discography of songs that speak to Cooley's own experiences.

You can locate Mesita's website at where you can stream and/or download his discography, as well as donate to him.


The XBlaze series is a duology of visual novels based on the Blazblue series of games by Toshimichi Mori and published by Arc System Works. When Touya Kagari, an ordinary highschooler, gets attacked by a bizarre-acting man on his way home from school, he gets thrown into the strange world of the underground happenings of Shin Yokozaki City. Strange people start visiting his home and monitoring him, he learns about a disease infecting the people of the town and causing them to behave in aggressive ways, and he has a chance to learn the truth about what happened in a disaster that caused almost everyone in a research facility to disappear. The aftermath of this disaster was where he was found as a young child, and is the only memories of his past that he has.

You can buy the games on Steam for ~40 dollars USD all together. Here is the link to Code: Embryo, and here is the link to Lost: Memories.